I support teams with only one obsession : to match the customer demand

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Consultant customer service strategy Lean 6 Sigma Service
+20 years international experience, customer and data centric, people and project management
Digital marketplace, B2C, B2B and B2B2C markets, services and products
Expertise in customer care strategy, I support teams to deliver quality during all customer cycle life, for acquisition, satisfaction & retention purposes.

Different and simultaneous angles approach with agile methods:
Teams : organisational system, management, outsourcing strategy, service cultural integration, recruitment and coaching
Tools : CRM, Salesforce, Zendesk, JIRA, task management, predictive tool, customer voice collection system (Burke, TrustPilot)
Process : Lean Six Sigma Service, continuous improvement strategy via internal or external customer feedback

Nextories Nextories

March 2022 to May 2022 - B2B and B2C - Nextories is a moving broker marketplace that simplify, eases customers relocation.
Change management mission to support and coach middle management to increase employee satisfaction and efficiency.
➔ Close supervision of the referees + team leader: ensure individual and collective skills development.
➔ Development of the teams’ sales mindset: steering, performance management and management by objectives.
Actions and implementations:
➔ Local management in transition to respond to the specific individual needs : leadership and support on transformation performance KPIs.
➔ Structuring and organising teams to foster skills development and efficiency regardless of seasonality and operational management.
➔ Improvement of customer processes: management of quality and efficiency on the sales cycle and customer management workflows.

Ankorstore Ankorstore

January 2022 to March 2022 - B2B and B2B2C - Ankorstore is the first marketplace that connects brands and creators with shops all over Europe, redefining retail by simplifying brand distribution.
The mission deliverables are to provide a formalization of the customer (retailers, brands) case management, workflow(s) and its processes that will improve time to close and customer effort score.
Leverages regarding order management, teams structure, agent skills and salesforce management to improve customer satisfaction and efficiency of internal and outsourced customer care teams
➔ Fasten case triage, routing to N1/N2 and agent queues : prioritise customer orders demands by typology reflecting their expectations to appropriate agents grouped by skills.
➔ Ameliorate agent case management in queue : prioritise cases in queue per urgency/importance and organise display by different 0 to 5 tags. Increase escalation and transfer views.
➔ Improve customer policies: both in shape and in depth regarding its access, display and its content to provide efficient guidance to new agents so as to make decisions toward customers.
➔ Increase proactive actions: avoid customers contacting the Customer Service team.

DPDgroup DPDgroup

Sept 2021 to dec 2021 - B2B and B2B2C - goods transportation
Support the Director of Customer care and Data in accelerating Continuous improvement program and projects to improve customer satisfaction and efficiency of the European Customer Care network : 23 customer services mainly in Europe - 5000 agents
➔ Assess the efficiency of existing way of working.
➔ Propose recommendations on organisations, tools, processes, people management
➔ Organisation and outsourcing of DPDgroup central escalation - contractual, process and KPIs
➔ First draft of analysis, area to be investigated on continuous improvement ambition plan for 2025
➔ Design of a European dashboard for 23 Customer Services across Europe
➔ Digital customer touchpoint of contact mapping to implement new usages
➔ Recommendation plan to drive the European customer service to a 2025 vision of the customer service and animation of dedicated calls with stakeholders


August 2021 - ready to wear market B2B2C (retail)
Audit of the customer services & operations

➔ Mapping of organisation, customer, shops and products flows, processes and tools
➔ Recommendations for recruitment, skills and profile

La Belle Assiette

since May 2021 - B2C Food tech
Support and coach the operation manager to design the customer success team + talent recruitment
➔ Customer and chief workflow review and design
➔ Map a process, tools and resources plan to achieve customer satisfaction
➔ Recruitment : Senior Operation Manager + Operation manager + internship


December 2020 to June 2021 - B2C & B2B digital online training school (MOOC)
Audit, design and support the customer delivery service design
➔ Strategy recommendation to improve customers (2C students and 2B partners) satisfaction increasing operation excellency
➔ Creation of 2 entities to manage customers and financing partners
➔ Creation and recruitment of a transversal project management team to support and lead strategic moves
➔ Strategy implementation, managers recruitment + onboarding and coaching
➔ Customer cycle life management : KPIs, voice of customer collection (TrustPilot, native voice collection system)
➔ Tools implementation and improvements : salesforce + internal
➔ Learning Management System


since June 2020 : B2B food tech
Build customer success team and processes in line with retention and sales stakes - define perimeters and processes of success v versus 2B acquisition
➔ Organisation recommendations for the customer success team
➔ Processes definition and implementation for client during cycle life - from onboarding to cross / up sell
➔ Building customer service action plan for retention and expansion
➔ KPIs dashboard construction : operational excellence indicators
➔ Recommendations on CRM internal tool and customer omnicanal contact tool
➔ Recruitment and structuration of the customer success team on alternance and internship model


May 2020 - B2C retail
Recommend and support the digital SEO strategy Develop contents in social media network
➔ Creation of linkedin, facebook and google profile – customer reviews collection
➔ Building the communication strategy to increase brand value
➔ Recommendations on overall 5 years business plan

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