Improve resolution and satisfaction thru all customer touch points, humans or digitals

I support the company in the choice and implementation of CRM (customer relationship management) tools. CRM solutions are intended to help the company better manage customer relations and optimize loyalty.

I take action at strategical or tactical level to work the care, the service delivered to your customers, via KPIs, through different and simultaneous angles : teams (organisational, management), tools (CRM, SAAS) and process.

The Lean Six Sigma Service spyglass allows me to be agile, pragmatic and data centric. This to work in collaboration with all your sale and service care teams to increase operational excellency.

Deliverables such as audit restitution, road map, processes, request for quotation, customer workflows, KPIs dashboard. All documentation you might need to on board your team to grow and to reach excellency by themselves.

 Satisfaction, expansion and retention optimisation
 Audit and review to establish a road map
 Outsourcing strategy
 Design customer cycle life, the consumer journey
 Key steps, friction points identification
 Interaction assessment of customer contact channels internal, external and transversal
 Design and implementation of correctives, preventives actions in terms of process, digital or human skills and tools
 Supporting team skills implementation, profil identification, recruitment and setting up assessment centers
 All level coaching : directors, managers, team leaders or representatives
 Design, build and implement steering customer KPI dashboards to identify and measure progress in customer actions
 CRM, multi-channel customer contact management strategies
 Organization of the service, management tools
 Collection of customer feedback, voice collection system implementation
 Quality improvement, continuous improvement program

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